Why Are We Doing This?

March 15, 2020

Some of you who have hung with us since the early days may recall we had maintained a website at dsbabble.com. We did it just as a labor of love, no money was made (just lost), for our community. Thanks to a heavy workload with our real job, we shut it down a while back, but we have relaunched today, at least temporarily, as we all navigate a global pandemic that is impacting our community of Dripping Springs, Wimberley, and nearby right now. We relaunched for a few reasons including:

To help sift through the increasing and often overwhelming information out there and to help local organizations get out their messages (canceled events, business changes, how you can help). We have been monitoring and researching this coronavirus outbreak since January, thanks to the work we do for a client that manufactures commercial infection control equipment. They had predicted this months ago and they were right, so we want to help share the best information for our local community.

We have high risk family members and, as we drove past a jampacked local restaurant on Friday night, it startled us. Just because we’ve been immersed in the subject (including the importance of social distancing), does not mean everyone is. Other countries are ahead of us on infections and our numbers will be likewise scaling up as more people are tested and as more become infected. Right now, the U.S. is lagging behind on how to handle this. Some of y’all will remain convinced everyone is overreacting until you’re impacted (but we pray you never are).

We were spurred to relaunch due to an interaction at HEB on Saturday morning with a stranger, an older person (putting them in a higher risk category). There are people out there who are at risk, frightened, and need help. There are also people who have now lost jobs or had their hours drastically reduced. People with no insurance or financial resources to get tested or treated (and some of them may still be headed into work to serve you because they understandably feel like they have no other choice). We wanted to do what we could to help push out information on local help and resources people can turn to when they need it and, if you’re those people and organizations providing assistance, we want to help you amplify your message.

We are not a professional news organization. We do not make any money off of this. Our agenda is only as stated above. The greatest result is that we get through this and we all feel like we overreacted. That means our all of our efforts, as a community, succeeded.